Tom Skilling's 7-Day forecast


The current cool spell moves into its second consecutive day Wednesday with afternoon highs 7-degrees below normal -- but even cooler on area beaches.
Sun yields to a steady increase in sunshine-extinguishing cloudiness. A solid overcast is to be in place by evening.--Wednesday's reduced-velocity (compared to Tuesday) easterly winds are to average 4 to 12 mph, producing the area's coolest temps on beaches and Lake Michigan shoreline communities.---Daytime highs will range from the upper 40s cooler lakeside locations to the mid 50s well inland.--A period of showers develops late Wednesday night affecting up to 60% of the Chicago area by morning, remaining cool. --East to southeast overnight winds increase 7 to 16 mph by daybreak Thursday.

Mixed morning sun gives way to cloudy skies. Showers and possible thunderstorms develop, primarily in the afternoon and for a time Thursday night.
Until then, a little mixed sun and a largely precipitation-free daytime period is predicted. Quite cool as the day gets underway amid strengthening southeast winds coming ashore off chilly Lake Michigan waters. But winds veer more southerly 16 to 32 mph in the afternoon and evening. As that happens, temperatures well inland surge to 68-degrees while 50s dominate at area beaches and lakeshore locations. Late in the day, strong southerly winds take hold, turning away from Lake Michigan. Becoming south to southwest then shifting northwest Wednesday night.

Sunshine mixed with some developing fair weather clouds in the afternoon.
Breezy and mild with humidities coming down at mild, comparatively dry Pacific air takes hold . West to northwest winds 12 to 24 mph and gusty. Peak temperatures head toward 70-degrees for only the fifth time this year.

Mostly sunny, breezy and a good deal cooler.
Temperatures are likely to be nearly 20-degrees cooler than Friday's highs. Northwest winds veer northeasterly, strengthening Saturday afternoon and night 8 to 18 mph. Beach and lakeshore temps are likely to settle back into the upper 40s or low 50s once winds come around to the northeast.

Mostly cloudy, blustery and cool for the season, especially in areas adjoining Lake Michigan.
A little patchy light rain or some scattered sprinkles possible, primarily later in the day. Heavier, more widespread rain and possible thunderstorms becomes a much better prospect Sunday night. East to southeast Sunday winds 14 to 28 mph and gusty.

Quite windy, damp and chilly. Periods of rain and possible embedded thunderstorms.
Rainfall may be heavy at times. Temperatures remain well below recent seasonal norms -- averaging 10 to 15-degrees below normal. East to northeast winds average 16 to 36 mph but with gusts to 40 mph and higher possible.

Winds remain strong and gusty and temperatures continue unseasonably cool.
Temps falling 16-degree or more below normal amid strong northeasterly winds 14 to 32 mph and gusty.